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Fitzgerald Marine Reserve

Fitzgerald Marine Reserve Tour
$200 a person
(2 person minimum)
Due to the nature of variables with this trip it can only be booked online after speaking with our staff and choosing a date.

(tips for guides not included)

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This is the most aggressive novice trip we offer. Participants should be in good physical condition and be prepared to paddle up to 11 Miles.
On this trip we explore the rugged coast of the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve, with its sea stacks, kelp beds, secluded beaches, and the legendary Mavericks surf spot. During Prohibition, these beaches were an ideal place for rum running. Under the cover of darkness and fog, illegal whiskey was unloaded from boats, dragged up the steep cliffs, and transported to San Francisco.

Our trip begins and ends in protected Pillar Point Harbor. From there we’ll paddle out and around Pillar Point as we wind our way through the sea stacks and along the cliffs toward Point Montara. Along the way, we’ll likely view seals, sea lions, and occasionally  sea otters, as well as many species of shore and sea birds. Gray, Pilot, and Humpback Whales are known to pass through the area on their migrations – if we’re lucky, we may even see them.

There is a $400 (or 2 person) minimum for this trip.

Please email or call us for more information...


We provide wetsuits and waterproof paddle jackets for all classes, rentals, and tours. You bring sun block, sunglasses with retention strap, synthetic sweater, shoes that can get wet, and a hat. A change of dry clothes is recommended in case you get wet during the trip.

Signing up with Half Moon Bay Kayak Company: To ensure that you get the date you prefer, please email to make trip reservations early. All HMB Kayak Co. events are subject to cancellation due to weather and lack of paddlers. There is no charge if HMB Kayak Co. cancels at any time, or if you cancel one week or more prior to your event. If you cancel less than a week before your event, you will be charged the full amount. For an additional $25 per person, you can reschedule for another trip this year. Sorry, there is no refund or credit for no shows.

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