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Looking for a personal, unique experience in Half Moon Bay? We design special events for team building, birthdays, anniversaries, scouts, and more. Contact us for details.

Doug Connor has devoted his life to the sport of kayaking, and has worked professionally in the industry for 40 years. He was on the U.S. Wildwater team, has competed internationally, and has kayaked in four continents.

Chris Manchester has kayaked thousands of coastal miles over the past 30 years. He also kayaked the second longest barrier reef in the world from Cancun, Mexico to the Bay Islands of Honduras. Besides private expeditions, he has worked for several companies in local and international waters, teaches for the National Outdoor Leadership School and NOLS Wilderness Medicine. He has also done instructor training stateside and internationally for such organizations as Outward Bound, National Outdoor Leadership School and the American Canoe Association.

Credentials: Senior NOLS Instructor, NOLS Wilderness Medicine Instructor,Leave No Trace Master Educator, K38 Rescue Boat Operator

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