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Open Water

Open Water Class


1-3 Students – 9am – 1pm
3-6 Students  – 9am – 4pm  

Open Water Prerequisite: Solid basic paddling and rescue skills

Our Open Water class will help you with your judgment, paddle technique, and your rescue skills.  You’ll learn to make decisions that will keep you safe when protection is minimal. Using the dynamic waters off of Pillar Point, you’ll practice rough water rescue skills so they’re polished for when you really need them.  We’ll teach you to understand tides and currents, the effects of wind on your kayak, and get you more comfortable in unstable conditions.  After this class, you’ll have the ability to access the ocean, understand its variables, and to plan a safe day of kayaking on the water.

There is a $300 (or 2 person) minimum for this class.

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