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Intro to Sea Kayaking

Introduction to Sea Kayaking:


1-3 Students - 9am - 1pm
3-6 Students  - 9am - 4pm  

Introduction to Sea Kayaking

The introduction to sea kayaking class will give you the skills and confidence you need to get on the water and start paddling on your own. The class begins with an hour of on land demonstrations featuring boat design, paddling technique, and rescue skills. You’ll then get on the water and begin working on what you've just learned. You'll be getting wet as you learn an easy "wet exit," and how to rescue yourself and your fellow sea kayakers. After lunch, a discussion of the dynamics of tides and weather allows you to begin planning your own trips in protected waterways. You'll take a short trip around the harbor to practice the new skills you have learned. After this introductory class you'll be ready to paddle on your own in protected waters all over the world.

There is a $300 (or 2 person) minimum for this class.

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